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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I visit the goats?

Reservations are required for visiting the goats. Please go to our VISIT page to see our available groups and calendar.

To book a private tour or experience (starting at a $250 donation), please contact Meagan at

Do I have to pay for children?

Children ages 3 and under are free. Ages 4 and over require a reservation. We wish we could offer a reduced child rate, but we actually wind up spending more meaningful time with the children in our experiences, so we think the cost is well worth it! And remember, all proceeds go right back into our rescue and sanctuary work.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, our goats get spooked by even the smallest and sweetest of dogs so we don’t allow them in the enclosure or on the hike. However, we are dog lovers and understand the desire to bring them with you. We do have a portable pen for small dogs and a fenced in orchard for large dogs that you’re welcome to leave them in during your experience.

We just ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes early to get them situated so as to not take away from the experience time for other guests.

Also, dogs that tend to be anxious and bark a lot when separated from owners tend to be distracting to both goats and guests, so something to think about before you make your decision. If your dog is too disruptive to the group, you may have to leave the experience early.

Can I just stop in to see the goats?

We do not allow drop-in visitors. You must have a valid reservation to visit. 

Can I donate my Christmas tree?

While we love this idea, we have heard too many stories within the sanctuary network of goats being poisoned and sick when ingesting pestcicides and preservatives that are commonly used on Christmas trees. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution and love for our goats, we do not accept Christmas tree donations. We would take pumpkins though! (as long as they are not moldy)

What is the difference between the "Hugs and Hike" and "Adventure Hike" experiences?

The "Hugs and Hike" experience is designed for a crowd of the very young to the very old. The hike is a leisurely 3/4 mile with only mild inclines. There is equal amounts of "hugs" and "hiking" so it's mostly about being around the goats!

The "Adventure Hike" is designed for the active outdoors-person who is looking for a more challenging experience. This is a fairly strenuous 2.5 mile hike on loosely marked trails with friendly large breed goats, who sometimes act, well - like goats! Ages 16 and over are recommended for this hike, If you are unsteady in any way, easily tired  or not confident around large animals, this hike probably isn't for you.

How can I prepare for my visit?

Remember that all experiences occur on the farm, so you will inevidently encounter

- bugs

- poop (and pee)

- wet or icy ground (weather dependent)

- things to trip on (roots, rocks, goats)

We try to prepare for all things, but it wouldn't hurt to bring bug spray if you're like us and get bitten often, closed toes shoes you don't mind getting dirty (you know - 'cause poop. and pee.), again - SHOES - can make the difference between an "excellent" and a "bummed my shoes are wet and dirty" kind of day ........aaaaaaaand,...... a good sense of humor and understanding that animals (and life) can be both unpredictable, and amazing.

 Can I bring treats for the goats?

While we think you are super sweet for thinking of them, we do not encourage bringing treats for the goats. Not that we don't trust you or anything, but you just never know where food comes from and we like to extra cautious. Don't worry though, we have LOTS of healthy treats that we give to  you to feed the goats during their visit!

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