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More About Goats

Goats are amazing, smart, funny and curious animals, which is why we love them so much! We put together a quick silly guide for all things GOAT, which we hope you enjoy! To learn more about how goats are used and exploited around the world, and to find out how to help, please scroll down below.



You probably know what OUR answer to that is!

Seriously though, there is absolutely something called animal-assisted therapy and although goats may seem like a non-traditional therapy animal, they certainly can be AND it is becoming increasingly popular. 


Animals can affect brain chemistry by reducing  cortisol levels (linked to stress),  and increasing dopamine (linked with reward-motivation behavior), oxytocin (called the love hormone and linked to feeling of tranquility), and endorphins (linked to feelings of happiness and well-being).

Goats Used For Meat and Dairy

If you truly love goats, you would certainly not like goat cheese! 

Animals used for meat and dairy, including goats, are exploited, mistreated and tortured in horrifying numbers all around the world. If you truly love goats, we hope you will do your research about how animals are treated in the animal agriculture industry.

Consider going vegan! Do it for the Love of Goats!

Below are some great links to learn more about goats used for meat and dairy.


We're not sure about you, but we couldn't ever consider eating one of those two cuties on the left. Or taking them away from their mothers at days old so that we could steal their mom's milk. 

Going vegan isn't as hard as you think! I promise. I did it at age 40 after a lifetime of being a cheese fanatic.

And there are more reasons than ever now. For the environment, for your health, for the animals, for the GOATS! 

Here are some links to great resources from some of the larger local animal sanctuaries for going vegan!

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