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Too many reviews to count!

We new grateful and proud to have received over 1500 5-Star reviews!

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Andrew - March 2020

SO MUCH FUN! We had three small kids with us who had absolutely the time of their lives. Super safe, the goats had wonderful personalities, the encounter was perfectly timed and managed.

Marissa - January 2020

Great experience! Meagan was a great host and very knowledgeable! She really loves and cares for all her (and all) animals and you can feel the warmth she brought to this once in a lifetime experience! Highly recommend and would come back!



Andrew - January 2020

The description of this activity completely undersells how amazing this it really is. Meagan knows her stuff and the goats are so cute, so cuddly and so friendly. I’ve gained a new appreciation for these wonderful animals!



Nichole - November 2019

What a wonderful experience! Meagan and her family were so sweet and welcoming. The property and hike were beautiful. My family and I had such a great time with the goats and chickens. They were very well cared for and loved. We can't wait to visit again!



Raquel - December 2019

Lovely goats and lovely family! You can see how much they love their animals and land. They also care a lot about making you enjoy your time there. We were six adults and one kid and all loved it. We booked last minute and they were very accommodating, which we appreciated. Definitely recommend a visit!

Kellie - December 2019

A fantastic experience for the whole family. It was very special feeding and learning about each of the goats. It is clear that Meagan really loves them. The property is beautiful and it was nice to meet Meagan’s human family too. I especially enjoyed walked the property with the goats and standing around the fire at the end while my kids toasted marshmallows.


Jose - December 2019

This was an amazing and fun experience - definitely worth every dollar paid. Meagan and her family were great hosts and their passion, kindness and expertise were on full display. Can't recommend it enough!!


Jean - December 2019

Meagan loves her goats and they love her! Who know goats are friendly and snuggly! My extended family adored playing and hiking with Meagan and her herd!


Daniel - December 2019

Meagan's Goats and Family are amazing. The goats are fun, loving and eager to have an adventure. Meagan is very knowledgeable and shared many fun insights about the goats. we hope to get to see them again.

Lottie - November 2019

Meeting Meagan and her goat friends was the highlight of our escape upstate. Meagan is so knowledgeable about her animals and was sure to make every guest feel welcome. She went above and beyond providing hot chocolate and even had a fire going since it was a chilly day. The goats were so fun to hang out with and Meagan let us take a million obnoxious photos and selfies with them.

Clarizze - November 2019

Meagan was such a lovely host and all the goats were all so sweet and well-behaved and comfortable around humans. She told me a lot about her goats’ backgrounds as well as their quirks, how she raises them and the plans she has in the future for them - you can tell they’re being raised with a lot of love. Thank you Meagan for the wonderful time!

Kate - April 2020

Meagan's rescue goat experience is a great way to spend an hour, especially with kids! Meagan has 7 incredibly sweet goats, who you'll get to know so much about. You'll learn all about ladies' man Marvin who gives lots of kisses, best friends Peanut & Pumpkin, and handsome Zachary. All of the goats have a unique story and personality. You can tell how passionate Meagan is about her goats, and by the end of the experience I wanted to start my own goat farm. Thank you for such a wonderful way to connect with nature while being stuck inside.


Jennifer - March 2020

It was so evident how deeply loved and cared for all the animals are under Meagan’s care. She answered our group’s many questions and we loved being able to feed and snuggle with the goats! It made our weekend and we’d love to revisit again when in the area. Thanks for all you’re doing Meagan!

Lia - November 2019

I loved this experience. Meagan is genuine and passionate about the goats and so open to questions and comments. We learned a lot about goats (and chickens!) and really enjoyed our interactions with them. After nearly two hours with the animals, I left with a sense of calm I hadn't expected. Highly recommended.


Caroline - November 2019

This experience was truly the highlight of our weekend! It exceeded my expectations. I went with a group of friends so it was just us, and Meagan was so kind and wonderful. She greeted us with hot cider and then brought us to meet the goats (and sheep and chicken!) We got to feed them and then she took us on a walk through the woods with all the animals following us while she delighted us with goat facts. The animals were so sweet and it was a real treat to spend time with them in such a relaxed and beautiful setting. If you need something to brighten up your day this is it!


Brian - November 2019

Meagan was such a wonderful host to this goat experience!! I learned so much and I have a new appreciation for goats. Highly recommend! The location is excellent as well.


Dallas - November 2019

I'll be back! I can't wait to share this experince with more people! Meagan was generous host, sharing stories, answering questions and making sure we were comfotable. She was wonderful at setting expectations about goat/sheep behavior before we met the animals which led to my group feeling safe and confident to engage with them!


Christian - November 2019

Such a special event in an amazingly idyllic setting. The goats are adorable and obviously lead quite happy lives. It was a lot of fun to get to be around them, they all have such different personalities. So happy I did this.


Megan - November 2019

Meagan is a wonderful host. She is warm and provides a personal touch to an amazing and beautiful experience. Her property is magical and the goats are so sweet! I am already looking forward to booking a stay at her Airbnb for longer stays in the future. I highly recommend this adventure.


Jaclyn - November 2019

I'm so happy I was able to have this amazing experience! We were able to meet all the animals on the property and it's clear they're so loved. Meagan was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about the animals and she answered all of our questions -- such a wonderful host! The property is beautiful and it was great to be able to hike with the animals. I would definitely highly recommend this to anyone visiting the area and I'd love to come back!


Michele - November 2019

Fantastic experience with loving caretakers of sweet goats and chickens and of course, Mabel the sheep ❤️we were not only offered hot apple cider and the chance to roast marshmallows upon arrival, but we also got to feed, pet, and go on a hike with Meagan’s lovely herd of goats and sheep throughout the woods of her property. She had a deep knowledge of her animals and truly cared about all of them without trying to control them. They had freedom to roam on the hike and all of them wanted to stay with us (herd animals). One baby goat fell asleep after the hike in my partners lap. What a dreamy experience! As we were leaving Meagan recommended we stop by the eagle nest look out on the reservoir. We took her up on that suggestion and we ended up seeing a bald eagle soar across the lake! Magic! Thanks for everything!

Liz - April 2020

Meagan and her goats provided a perfect reprieve for my day. The goats are absolutely adorable and I felt transported to the idyllic Hudson Valley. Would love to take again!

Pete, April 2020

This was wonderful. My daughter and I enjoyed meeting all the goats, learning about Meagan's farm, family, and their story. The experience felt highly personal and thoughtful. As soon as we ended, my daughter enthusiastically shouted "that was a cool way to learn!"


Janis - March 2020

I was glad to have booked this experience. Meagan and her family are warm and accommodating. Meagan’s knowledge about goats (and chickens) reflects a great deal about her passion towards her cause. My daughter was blown away by the activity. She said “I thought it’s gonna be another petting zoo.” She adds that she loves that each goat has its own personality. (Go meet Marvin and you’ll see what she’s talking about) We really appreciate that Meagan and family really do care for each animal under their care. We will definitely visit again.

Kirby - November 2019

We truly enjoyed spending time with Meagan and her wonderful animals. Located in a beautiful setting, this experience was unique and engaging. The goats were a blast and Meagan and her family were wonderful, thoughtful hosts. I highly recommend this experience!


Kevin - November 2019

This was a legit rescue. You could feel the love. Meagan and her family were beyond ingratiating. We didn't want to leave. Nothing raises your spirits like baby goat faces. Nothing. Moreover, I've been a teacher for nineteen years and I would have gladly brought my students on this adventure.


Richard - November 2019

If you love goats, why not try ones that have been rescued. Meagan and her husband will tell you how they started caring for these fascinating animals. The goats are all different, but at the same time very loving. It was a great experience to learn and spend some quality time with these animals.


Anthony - November 2019

Wow, what an experience! When you pull up and walk over to the pen, you are greeted by Meagan. She is one of the kindest, most down to earth people you’ll get a chance to meet. She just genuinely loves taking care of her amazing animals (I’ll get to them in a second) and was kind enough to open up that world to visitors. We told her about an experience we were going to after being with her, and she offered support and advice for this adventure. She showed me and my partner what it means to truly love for animals. As for the experience. The animals are so freaking awesome! They are getting used to interacting with more humans, but man they were so much fun to be around! Meagan allowed us to feed them and get them acclimated to us. Along with her stories, this showed us how each animal interacts in the farm. Afterward, we went for a nice hike with the goats. Meagan continued to tell us more about the goats and the history of the property, trail, and things the goats like to do/eat while on this trail. For about an hour afterwards, we literally just got to hang out with the goats, chickens, and sheep. The animals are friendly and like to receive lots of attention. Peanut and Pumpkin (two of the smaller goats) fell asleep on my partner as she was giving them scratches. So cool! Overall, would HIGHLY recommend this experience to anyone visiting this area! You get to be very interactive with the animals and hear from an incredible person in Meagan. Hidden gem compared to the more frequented sanctuaries/farms! Thanks Meagan!


Sofia - November 2019

I had a really great time! I learned a lot about the goats, we went on a short hike together, and we got to spend time feeding them and watching them interact. Meagan was very knowledgeable and made us feel welcome. It was great spending some time with some really wonderful animals.


Gina - November 2019

Wow. A family that is devoting so much of themselves to loving on some beautiful animals! Wonderful experience that is good for the soul. I have a newfound appreciation for goats!

Eleanor - April 2020

I am stuck in isolation in a city, so if you're like me I *highly* recommend this as the perfect escape. It was a total delight to 'escape' my environment for an hour and get to know some sweet goats. Meagan introduces you to her goats and their different personalities, shows you around her farm, talks about her rescue mission... and teaches you loads about goats! I came away not only having learned a lot but feeling like my soul had been soothed. Thank you Meagan for a wonderful experience! 

Samantha - March 2020

A wonderful experience!! Meagan is so thoughtful, welcoming, and knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend experiencing hiking, hugging and all the love and fun with her rescued goats!

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