After our first goat wandered onto our property after being “set free” by a local camp, we constructed our current animal enclosure and have grown our “family” to eleven (and counting) very friendly (and spoiled) rescue goats. Each one comes with a different rescue story, from escaping horrific conditions at a “backyard butcher”, farm-to-table operation to being rescued from the meat-markets of NYC to being exploited as petting zoo animals.

To support the goats at Frederick Farm rescue you can contribute through PayPal

and we thank you in advance for your help!


Want a more personal way to help?

Sponsor one of the goats and receive special goat perks!

You can sponsor a goat for yourself or as a gift to someone special.

What better way to say "You are pretty awesome" than with a GOAT sponsorship!

The G.O.A.T. Sponsor

A donation of $500 provides hay, minerals and fresh bedding for one of the goats for the year.

You will receive a weekly photo of your goat,  just for our G.O.A.T. sponsors,

plus a personalized video message from your goat!

Official Crazy Goat Person Sponsor

A donation of $250 helps cover the cost of specialized hoof trimming

aka goat pedicures (which they need 5x a year!)

You will receive a personalized video message from your goat. 

Believe us, it's worth it. ;)

Just a Girl/Guy who loves Goats Sponsor

A donation of $100 helps cover the cost of keeping our medical supplies

up to date in case of emergencies.

You will receive a personalized picture and

message from your goat of choice.

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While we are still working on our 501c3 status, we would like you to know that we are supporters of, and have collaborated with, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and Farm Sanctuary among others to receive referrals for our goats and will continue to collaborate with them to help rescue as many goats as we can. Until we are able to expand our operation and establish our nonprofit status, we encourage you to visit one of the following sanctuaries or make a tax-deductible donation to support their work!

We are looking for hard-working goat lovers to come help us each week to take care of the goats! Tasks may involve mucking out barns and chicken coops, putting up and repairing fencing, maintaining our trails and property, hauling hay bales or various other tasks. Volunteers must be able to commit to a 4-8 hour shift, but you will receive a exclusive "Part of the Herd" T-shirt and can enjoy all of the goat love you can fit into a day! If you stay the length of the day, join us for a special Happy Hour with the goats - our favorite way to end a day of hard work!


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