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Celebrtate a birthday, arrange an office party or gather with friends and family for a virtual visit to our sanctuary in the Catskills Mountains of New York. Although you’ll be visiting us online, we aim to make you feel like you’re right here with us! You’ll be getting up close and personal with our  loveable goats, while you help to give each of them lots of attention.


To begin, guests will get an introduction to each goat, their rescue story, and background. We will experience their quirks, personalities, and preferences up close and personal! 


Be prepared for lots of goofy fun facts and jokes about goats  - we are full of them! We’ll learn all about goats during a fun-filled game while we visit with each goat. Which one has a special talent? Who screams the loudest?  You’ll find out! 


Finally, we’ll settle down  for lots of affection. Our goats LOVE getting scratches/relaxing & you get to vote for your favorite!


We are excited to share this time with you &  introduce you to all of our very special rescue goats!


Please check out our Airbnb page and reviews at the link below to get a better sense of your host and what to expect!


Private VIRTUAL Remote Rescue Goats! (For up to 12 guests

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